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  • It's very rare that you find a mechanic that's trustworthy, great at what they do, and has competitive pricing. For years I've taken my car to Woodhouse because they're trustworthy and great at what they do, but I was also paying more for their service. I've also taken my car to other places where they've had competitive pricing and gotten the job done, but I always ran what they said past someone to get a second opinion. It seems most shops just want to squeeze every dime out of you that they can. Well Ryan at Toyo Techs is that rare breed that combines all three. He's ASE Certified, has years of experience under his belt, and the right equipment to get the job done at a competitive price. He's honest and trustworthy and does everything he can to take care of his customers. He has even referred me to other places that he knows can get the job done well for cheaper than him. He's just that good of a guy. I'm glad I found his shop because that's the only place I'm taking my car unless he refers a job to someone else. Support local businesses. Toyo Techs deserves 7 stars.

    Nathan Cunningham
  • I made an appointment with Toyo Techs for an overall inspection of my '03 Toyota Camry. Going into the appointment I had a couple of concerns that I knew would need to be addressed. Ryan went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did he break down the costs for the recommended repairs; he also took the time to explain what the issues were and what the repair entailed. Overall, I had a great experience. The service I received was very quick and everyone was very friendly.

  • I've done my own maintenance for years. The Tundra is just more time consuming than what I've owned before. It's great finding a place where the owner has a truly vested interest in making sure customers are happy, return for future service, and refer their friends. Quality & pride are why my Tundra gets routine service here. (They work on more than Toyota/Lexus)

    Paul Hanson
  • Ryan Gentry is your man. Bottom line. He takes the time to field your concerns and offers honest, reliable recommendations based on his years of experience working for Toyota. He'll give you the best deal he can, and you'll be able to trust that the work was done with pride and precision. No need to look anywhere else.

    Lawton Hill
  • It doesn't get any better than ToyoTechs! Ryan is knowledgeable and really knows what he is doing! The shop is very nice and welcoming. Ryan will be up front with you and even show you videos of things wrong with you vehicle. He is honest and fair with pricing. Wouldn't take my vehicles anywhere else! Thanks Ryan!

    Jessica Ellis
  • If you're looking for certified Toyota repairs done for a reasonable price, don't hesitate to contact Ryan at Toyo Techs. When the Toyota dealership quoted me an outrageous amount for an alternator repair on my Highlander, I called Ryan and he did the same job using the same OEM Toyota part for about 40% less! We will definitely look to Toyo Techs for our future Highlander and Prius repairs.

    Eric Rogge
  • Great experience with this shop. Friendly and professional. Way better than a dealership. Highly recommend.

    Lee Victor
  • Ryan helped fix my fiat because something went wrong when I got an oil change at jiffy lube. They were very timely and very polite. I will definitely be back!

    Maria Hruby
  • I own a 2006 Lexus GS 300 and a few months ago I started having electrical problems: batteries dying, system resetting, power steering failing, etc... Eventually, my car died at the exit on 132nd & Dodge. I Googled mechanics near bye and Toyo Techs came up first. Even though I was 2 blocks away from the Lexus dealership, I had AAA tow me to Toyo’s shop. Right off the bat, the great customer service overwhelmed me! They were fast, friendly, thorough and much more affordable than the competition. They had my electrical system checked out, alternator replaced (even threw in an oil change) and I was back on the road in no time! A+++

    Will Barker
  • Expert, friendly service priced well below the competition.

    Patrick Wolff